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The Single Season of Life

The past two years of college has taught me a lot on how to be single well. Singleness can be portrayed as a lonely season of life where love is dumb and no where in site. What if God had more for this season than just feeling depressed?    In the midst of this crazy but beautiful season of singleness there can be abundance and joy. This post is special, because it is a mixture of the books, sermons, and conversations that have deepened my knowledge on what it truly means to be single and pursue Jesus in the midst of it. So grab your cold brew, sit down, and feel free to ponder with me as we dive into this post. 
Lesson #1: This season is a gift. Why do we spend so much time worrying about the gift of marriage when we have been given the gift of singleness? God loves to give gifts and like any good gift giver God wants to provide what you desire most. However, He already gave to us what we wanted most: Himself; Jesus. Now we can live life from the abundance of the Holy Spirit. God want…

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