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What If We (A Poem From the Heart).

What if we stopped holding back during stressful times and gave our best.
If we gave our all to God and did not stop.
What if we continued to begin each day with our palms lifted open to God.
What if our prayers for revival did not cease but kept going.
When our life becomes a comfortable flow we loose sight of heaven, of God, of the need for hope and revival.
Instead we settle.
We stay within our comfortable life when maybe just maybe God has called us for more.
What is your promise land that God is calling you to take hold of?
Who are the people in your life crying out for hope?
Who are desperate for an answer to their suffering?
We who have the answer this time of year can so easily keep it to ourselves.
We are afraid to offend others so instead we keep our heads down and whisper silent prayers to God.
When the world calls for the removal of Christ in the -mas, we silently conform.
Who then is the reason for the season?
The one time of the year when more people are familiar with th…

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