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When "No" is Enough

I believe the season of silence between us and God is a real struggle for most christians yet  not frequently talked about. In fact it is hard to be honest about these seasons in life. This summer has been slow and filled with business. I have found my heart longing for a word or vision from God. There have been many "maybes" and "what if's" in the last few months.  Many prayers and desires I held, hoping that God would provide. I would come to the feet of God wanting to hear the right answer and leave unsure. Sometimes the door clearly opens up or closes, but sometimes I'm left waiting. There was a specific instance this summer where I was waiting on an answer from God. Finally, after praying and praying all I got was "no." In the midst of discouragement and trying to justify the circumstance, I realized this answer of "no" is still God speaking. God was being faithful to me by revealing his plan. I think sometimes in life there are mo…

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