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Your Faith is Precious to God

Happy New Year!

(Before reading note that the first half of this post was written yesterday as a reflection of 2017 and second half was written today (2018) as a prayer for this year).

I am going to be honest as I look back on this year (2017) I immediately think of all the times I failed. This year probaly was not my best year in remaining steadfast to God and to all the places he called me to. In fact this year was spent mostly doing what I needed to to get by. I spent more energy on being ungrateful for what I did not have rather than spending time thanking Jesus for all He has done. However, If I take a second and think a little bit deeper into this past year I start to remember the accomplishments God has brought me through. The more I thought deep into this year, the lessons God has taught me started to resurface. It is easy to categorize this year as a failure if you did not personally reach the goals you made at the beginning of the year. If you know you did not fully obey Go…

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