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To be apart: a deep desire to be with God

Valentines day came and went. For some this day was fun being able to celebrate with friends and family but for others the term "single awareness day" was in full swing. I want to speak truth into that feeling of dissatisfaction that yesterday might of brought up.  Our deepest desire to be in relationship with someone is real and beautiful. But our deep longing to be with someone is also our desire to be known and found by God. Yes, the beauty of marriage and relationships is to reflect God's love for us. It is a deep relationship that we were uniquely designed for.  However, If we are not walking intimately with God, then maybe our deep void for relationship is just buried desire to run back to our creator. In the end there is no relationship or marriage that can fully satisfy that longing. To all my single ladies out there I want to challenge you to choose deep communion with Jesus when those beautiful desires well up. They are not bad on the contrary so very good. But…

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