Hello everyone!
So as Thanksgiving comes upon us I felt like I should post something on thankfulness. This month God has really challenged me with being thankful in ALL circumstances. The picture above is the view I have everyday from my bedroom window. Its a very ordinary view theres nothing that magnificent about it but this view reminds me everyday of Gods beauty and splendor he created for us. God has  also used this view to challenge me to be thankful. Honestly God has felt very distant but I have found starting my day with thanking God for all that he has done and provided for, has really made me connect with  God. I know that around this year being thankful can sound so cliche but its more than just saying "I'm thankful for family." I think being thankful is going through out your day and thanking God for everything weather your in the mood or not. So thats what God has put on my heart for today! Thanks again for checking out my blog! :)


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