Where is love?

"For there is no condemation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Jesus the law of the spirit has set me free from the law of sin and death" Romans 8:1-2

Like most of my posts all I can say is life is crazy right now! When life is crazy that means that my time to relax and my time for devotions in the morning is cut short. When that is cut short then I'm running dry and when I run dry I tend to seek acceptance from everyone else but God. So as you can see it is a never ending cycle. Lately, I've noticed that my thoughts are more negative and not lifting my spirit up. Sometimes in the mist of the busyness I tend to think that these thoughts are from God. He is telling me to try harder to, do this, and go there. When  these thoughts come it causes me to try harder and harder at life to push through and push through. Though all of this where is love? Where is the peace that God promises us when we abide in him? Friends, its because these thoughts aren't from God instead they are the "rules" of the law that God freed us from. He doesn't comdem us he pours his love into the depths of our soul. His love is why we are christians. His love was the cause of the cross. His love should be why I'm trying hard and why I'm wanting to go encourage others. When his love isn't that cause in are lives then we aren't abiding in God. When we aren't abiding in God then we can't find his joy and peace when we need it the most. I hope that as we all go about life this week we will let him pour his love into our depths. 

Also this week I heard this AWESOME song by NEEDTOBREATH called Difference maker. It is one of my new favorite songs. Check out the link below to hear it :)


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