#4 The gift count: Immeasurably more.

As school starts, doing homework, and drinking iced chai become my after school hobby. He has blessed and continues to bless me still even when I haven't felt on point spiritually.

51. Things to smash. (look up smash pad if confused).
52. Party's to plan.
53. Lighting storms

54.Amazing people at school I like to call my friends.
55. Getting a grade point average ones always dreamed about.
56. Getting to run track.
57. It is well. (This is one of my favorite hymms and bethel music recently did their own version mixed with a song they wrote! Literally one of my favorites) http://youtu.be/YNqo4Un2uZI
58. Last day of school.
60. God's provision.
61. Spontaneous photo shoots with friends
62. My leaders who are always willing to listen to me when I need to talk.
63. Having a new story to tell.
64. Having someone to share a memory with.
65.Cameras to capture God's creation.
66. For fans that cool you down.
67. Restless nights.
68. Late night bible reading.
69. Old English novels that make you think.
70. Sleeping in.
71. Covers that keep one warm and cozy.
72. Doughnut shops.

73.  That cool breeze that blows through your window.
74. Those hipster food trucks.
75. Mini apple pies. (From the food truck).

76. Ice pops.
77. Meeting people for coffee.
78. New friendships.
79. Celebrating new seasons of life.
80. The power of facetime.

"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine. According to his power that is at work in us." Ephesians 3:20.
 So even if your counting the blessings like me but are scared and hopeless that life won't go well. Just know that he will go way beyond all that we can hope for. Everything we have dreamed of he will go farther than the distance for us,


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