Gift Count #6:Stand in awe of Him

My dear friends, Let us continue to count our blessings and in stand in awe of God. Whatever trials we may face today, we may not have another day to thank him for all we have.

"Much dreaming and many words are meaningless. Therefore stand in awe of God." Ecclesiastes 5:7. 

110. Excitement over the simple things.
111. Moments where you can learn something new.
112. Constant reminders that the Lord is here for me.
113. Starry nights.
114. Late night drives.
115. Encouraging words,
116. Coffee dates.
117. Dates with God.

118. Waiting for my someone.
119. Seeing myself the way God sees me.

120. Watching seeds grow,
121. Little sisters.

122. Nothing will ever stop the plans God has made.
123. Music to dance to.
124. Braids.
125. Chocolate.
126. Words that cut to the soul. (in good ways as well as bad.)
127. Meeting new people.
128. Best Friends.
129. Outdoor dinners.
130. Skirts to twirl in.
131. Flowers to plant.
132. Watching the sun rise in the midst of a broken heart and life.


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