My Weary Knees

I walk in the world and don't see my worth. My faith is weak, and my knees are weary. Weary of living a life of ignorence to God. I am a whore of the world dammed for hell. Yet you saw me as valuable, your creation. You humbled yourself, dying for me. So as I'm trudging on in my doubt, you calm the storm, and overcome your creation with truth. Truth which casts out fear. Truth which shines forth light casting out the dark terrors of the night. Light that brings forth daylight showing the world the morning comforts of belonging. I believe when a person realizes how powerful and convicting this truth is, He might start a chain reaction of love. Showing love towards his brothers and sisters living in the world. My knees may be weary of running hard in life. Yet I shall find my strength in the one who gives me a reason to run with these weary knees.


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