Living Life to the Fullest!

" Ransomed of the Lord will return. They will enter Zion with singing; Everlasting Joy will ovetake their heads. Gladness and Joy will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will flee away." Isaiah 51:11
I have gone through the majority of 2014 trying to live life to the fullest. To be Joyful in all circumstances and to just enjoy life. Make memories etc.. But I didn't succeed because I had no hope nothing to thank God for. All I had was the bits and pieces I did have but just wanted more. I wanted something that could satisfy. Now I have learned that I ultimately desire heaven. But there is one thing I have recently been reminded of that has and still is changing my outlook on life
Blogger and writer Ann Voskamp shares from her experience that the key to living a full life is being thankful. Now words cannot describe this profound book but she deciedes one day to write down one thousand reasons why she is thankful.  
"Well if all these were gifts that God gives- then wasn't my writing down the list like...receiving. Like taking with thanks" 
-- Ann Voskamp, One thousand gifts. 
Everyday we recieve these blessings, gifts from God by simply thanking him. So now here comes the fun part! I have challenged myself to write down one thousand reasons why I'm thankful. Now this definitly takes a couple months to completly accomplish but every so offten I will post (hopfully with pictures) the reasons why I'm thankful. I would like to challenge you to take part in this challenge. It definitly has made a difference in my life and I've only just begun ;) Lets begin this one thousand gift challenge.

P.S. I definitly recommend One thousand gifts Its one of those books you have to stop reading to grasp the profound things she writes but at the same time you cant put it down! :// is her website/blog her posts are just as profound as her book! 

P.P.S. Oh what the heck lets begin thsi challenge now!

 1.Being able to wake up early

2.Being able to use Gods strength to overcome obstecles. 

3. Music being played during pe.

4. Galatians 6:9 

5. Getting to sometimes sleep in on school days. (notice how I said sometimes)

6.Friends who don't give up on me.

                                                                    (just because and also bcause they all photobomed this pic and I love it!)
7. Having teachers at school who care.

8. Getting the oppertunity to go to a private school.

9.Permits that let you drive.

10. The last few days of school before vacation. 
(Last week of school pic)


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