And the lists continue...

And so my lists of blessings continue.... Writiting down blessings has been life changing but its sometimes hard to remember to write them down. Whats really hard is blogging them. Since some of the things I write down are personal I won't be sharing my whole list. But since I've already started I would like to continue.

31.Having a God to walk through all seasons of life with.
32.Making memories with my dad.
34.warm summer breezes.
35. Friends I can facetime with.
36.Nails to paint.
37. Prayers to pray.
38.Mason Jars.(and the many uses you can have with them. Like below.)
39. Life chats to chat about.
40. Indie worship music. (Bethel is a great fit for the cateragory but also Brooke Fraser.) Here is a link to one of her music videos!
4l. Rooms to clean
42. Blogs to update
43. Good health
44. Nights of pain so that Joy comes in the morning.
45. A crack of sunlight streaming forth.
46. cookies to bake.
47. Lazy afternoons.
48. Deep conversations
49. Finishing my sophomore year.
50. Swiming pools.


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