The gifts he gives

Everyday I am reminded of how much I am blessed. But more than just being blessed  being thankful is   accepting the gifts he has given us. As I did in my post a couple weeks ago here are more reasons why I'm thankful.
 11. Coffee

12. Even though they are a pain finals
13. The Seniors who have poured in to my life.
14. Having a healthy body
15.working out
16. Auditions
17. Worship team
18. Surrendering it all to God
19. The blue sky
20. Being weak so He is strong
21. Essays to type
22. Interviews to go to.
23. The excitment of growing up.
24. Calvin Crest
25. The book that inspired this list One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.
26. The blessings I recieve every morning that shows He cares.
27. Worship (one of my new favorite worship songs its You make me Brave by Amanda cook)
28. The mornings I can just rejoice in his name.
29. For healing during broken times.
30. Jobs that pay the bills.


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