Moments where we feel forgotten

Moments.. the one where we feel utterly broken, lonely, and doubtful. The moments where we feel we have served and have been faithful and yet we feel burned out and dry. In times like this in trial and pain, are the times where we have the privilage to give it to God. The privilage to tell the maker of the universe, and all of mankind our small need. When I put my probelms into perspective of everything else that is going on. I feel as if I can go on without telling my abba father the probelm that will eat at me that will probally cause more sin in my life if I dont talk it out. Its the be still and Know that I am God moments that we long for. The moments where God gracefully and kindly shows a bit of himself to us. These are the moments where he whispers in our ears "let me bless you" which turns into "Let me fill you." To "let me stretch you." And back to "let me bless you." Lets let God bless us even when we feel we are not deserving of it.


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