Christmas Worries

"Cast all your anxiety on him, because, he cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7.

In the midst of this Christmas season running full speed ahead. The Christmas decorating, baking, traditions, shopping, spending time with family and friends during break, cleaning, finishing up work and school for the holidays,  and the list goes on and on. Though we know the true meaning of Christmas. We forget to apply the true meaning of Christmas to our lives. For Christ came to be our Hope so that we could have Joy and Peace in him. If celebrating Him means remembering why He came down on earth. Then shouldn't we accept his offer to carry our burdens. Christmas should be a time to be content with the blessings he has given us. For our God sent his one and only son to suffer as a man on earth. To then give us the ultimate gift. The gift that would change our lives. If Christ has changed our lives, sure we will fall short, but does that mean we sell ourselves short of giving in to the business of Christmas when our Father is willing to carry our burdens. To carry us into Christmas. I am guilty of this. To try to make every Christmas the best Christmas ever. By trying so hard to faithfully carry out every tradition my family has. Or decorate right on December 1st. I realized that my Joy doesn't come from Christmas alone my Joy comes from God. That my family is happier when we can spend time together rather than hurriedly checking off things on our list and rushing to the next. I know we hear this every year but the holiday season is truly about Family. It's not only giving and ministering to the lost and lonely, but it's also spending time and ministering to the family you have right around you. It's letting God take control of the plans you have and letting him move. For his plans are far better than the plans I have. I've realized its taking moments to thank him for the redeeming love story we celebrate. It's awaiting his arrival. It's letting Him care for you by casting your anxiety on Him.


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