To act justly

The recent Supreme Court decision on gay marriage has been a huge heartbreak for many churches around the US. I will admit I was very heartbroken when I heard about it too. As I was sitting on my bed this morning,  I realized,  here all of the US has been foucsed on the gay marriage ruling. As Christians we can think of all the persecutions we might face in the next few years. But Christians are truly being persecuted for what they believe in now! We all know who ISIS is and what they are doing. We are not really aware of what's going on right now. All  the media is really talking about is gay marriage. I know battle on gay marriage will be a long fight. I am not saying that this issue is not important. Right now ISIS has killed 76 children for reasons such as not fasting during Ramadan and practicing sorcery.  They have not ceased to kill women and children that they come across. Im am not trying to bashthe Church or society, but I think we need to be more aware. In the bible God calls us to "walk humbly, love mercy, and act justly." I believe we need to act justly with this issue. I don't want to just post this and do nothing about it. I want to change this situation. My heart and prayers go out to all the people suffering from ISIS.  God not only calls us to act justly, He also tell us these people are our neighbors,  brothers, and sisters in Christ. These people need as much help as ever. I personally don't know how to help besides praying for them and giving money to organizations that can. I think if we as a church are aware of what's going on. Change can happen. Not only should we be aware of what our brother and sisters are going through. We should be aware of what our country is doing about it. These are just some thoughts. Below are articles with more information. 


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