Adventure is out there

This morning as I was doing devotions and enjoying the sunrise, God was just reminding me of the adventures he had and is taking me on. If you don't know me I love the idea of going out one morning on an adventure. Adventure seems so majestic yet quaint and romantic. My favorite movie in the whole entire world is UP! Anyways I view my spirtual walk with God an adventure. Each season I walk through is a new adventure in it's self. The deeper I get to know God the higher the road becomes. Our walk with God isn't always quaint and romantic but at the end of the storm the view is beautiful! He will take you on adventure you never thought possible. Whenever you feel discouraged about your walk with God remember that adventure is out there. 

Random note this coffee is not ordinary coffee it has a tablespoon of coconut oil and butter. I know that sounds gross but trust me I love my coffee good and this is really good! It makes the coffee lighter


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