5#: The Gift Count

81. Driving down the freeway with the wind hitting your face.
82. The blue of the sea.

83. A cloudless sky.
84. Discussions to discuss.
85. Beauty that God uses to fill us with.
86. Fresh ocean air.
87. Witnessing spontaneous vows of love.
88. Sunsets full of his splendor.

89. Mugs full of happiness.
90. Waves of his majesty.

91. A lighthouse full of guidance.
(This happens to be one of my favorite songs check it out its called My Lighthouse by Rend collective)
92. Cozy sea towns.
93. Pictures of nature.
94. Pink cottages.
95. Retired ships that has served there duty at sea.
96. Salty ocean air.
97. Sunlight hitting the trees.
98. A community of believers who never fail to encourage me.
99. Dancing
100. The art of Anticipating.
103. Little companions you call siblings

104. Random fits of laughter.
105. Sermons that feed the soul.
106. Sleepless nights that turn into restful ones.
107. God's peace.


  1. I love this Alexis! You have reminded me to always be looking for His amazing gifts!


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