Sometimes our lives feel like an unmade bed or a room with clothes flying everywhere. Sometimes we feel like a stack of dirty dishes waiting to be cleaned but we just do not have the time to clean them, Days go by and the weather isn't cooler. We feel like everything should be changing the way it should but it isn't. The truth is we were meant to live a life full of messes. We were not called to have a life full of fluffy blessings. The blessings come from the messes. He makes us beautiful by breaking us. There may not be a whole lot of change at first. There are always going to be messes but its our willingness to let him clean up that changes things. Its our willingness to live a messy life with a joyous attitude. For he "takes broken things and makes them beautiful.- Ellie Holcomb. We may feel like a garden that's waiting to sprout. Maybe the rains of his love haven't poured down, because we haven't trusted him with our messy life. Our life will continue to stay messy and bear unless we let the storms of his love thunder in our lives.


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