Fresh Air

Fall is here! It finally rained this weekend and now the clouds are all fluffy in the sky. I can finally wear my big fall sweaters. The most exciting thing about fall is that it is finally a new season. We have a fresh start in this season. This season is not new so we can just keep living the way we live. No God brings in the new season to awaken us. We need to be awakened. Before we know we begin to live for ourselves. Our lives are focused on the fleeting problems around us. It becomes about what others will think of you or if you should spend time with all these people. It becomes a world of go,go,go with some moments with God instead of living your whole entire life for him. I have found myself falling into this rut many a times in this last season of life. I'm ready to start a new again. Our creator has promised us he will make all things work together for our good. He will do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine. To Seek him first and everything else will be added later. There many more verses where he promises us blessing and joy. We just have to be able to trust that holy living is the only way to live and be satisfied in him. Trust me it is so hard to get back up and truly fall in love with Him all over again. To say no to the things He wants us to so we can focus on him. All he wants is all of us. All he wants is us to be willing so he can take us on an adventure. The road may look like a road of suffering. But He says that he allows these things to happen so in the end it may bring God glory. He never allows you to suffer or sacrifice for no reason. In the end he WILL make all things work together for your good. So in this new season may we allow ourselves to let him in. To not just live life with a couple moments with God. But to live life with God and each and every moment that you live is a moment with God. He loves you!! Try something new this week do something to encourage someone. Take someone out to coffee, or even just write them a note. I find that when I feel discouraged or just dry I like to change things up a bit and bless those around me.


  1. Thank you for this encouraging word! I love the idea of a new season being a fresh new start! You inspire me so much sweet girl!!


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