You are still God and I have a reason to worship.

This week God has put something on my heart Worship. Ever since I saw Hillsong United in concert not to long ago something inside of me changed. God burdened me with some thoughts. Why am I not excited to worship Jesus? Now on Sundays and Wednesdays I get excited and at chapel at school i'll get excited. But have I lived my live with excitement to Worship God. When we worship God we are free. We are in his presence and we are alive. It has been along time since I've been to a truly good worship session. Man it is refreshing. Now not all worship sessions will always be totally amazing, some might be simple and  some might be powerful. The question is do we take a break from our busy painful lives and get excited to worship our creator. Do we just seek him not because we have requests but because He is God.  Do we apply our childlike faith to our worship? When we go to church and worship as a community our worship there should be just a continuation to the worship we have been living. This is something that I struggle with greatly. I don't know if you have seen this video. But it is a great reminder of taking time to just worship God. A couple months ago these marines in Afghanistan (I believe) took time out of there life threatening job to worship Jesus as a unit. To me it is so encouraging to watch this video. Now here's the thing, if these brave men can take time to worship God before they risk there lives? Then why can't we take time out of are day where we live safe and cozy in our homes, to worship our savior? Why can't we bring him glory with the way we live  when our lives are easy compared to the rest of the world? These men are perfect examples of applying our child like faith to our worship.

P.S. Watch till the end because it gets better towards the end!


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