So as most of you know I went to a spring break outreach at my church called Breakaway! For High School group we got to go to a very poor area outside of town  play with the kids and have VBS for them. These kids were the sweetest little things you could ever imagine. Just being  there you could tell most all of these kids came from some kind of hardship wether it was a broken home, abuse, drugs, etc.. Even at the community center we were at you could just sense that drug deals and heartless acts  have happened there. So just reflecting on the week and what God did.... I guess if I could sum everything up into one word I would describe Breakaway'14 as Freedom. So many seeds were planted that will lead kids to freedom. So many kids came to the community center where we were at to be free from family and home life. So many hearts in the students including me were free from the sin and the chains that were holding us down. Though this town may not  be completely free from the issues  my friends and I prayed and yearned for, as a team we definitely left things better than we found it.

         Me and Elizabeth who was my buddy most of the week :)

        Let me just say we definitly had a bomb worship team that lead amazing worship.
                    Spanish service


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