The journey of Easter

This year has already gone by so fast it's hard to believe it's already Easter time! As school is starting to wrap up for break, I start to pack for breakaway, and church's start to have speacial studies and services on the meaning of Easter. We can go through the same routine of emotions. We are happy for break and that we are free from sin and sad because of what Christ went through to set us free. Now don't get me wrong these emotions are very good and meaningful, but, for me as I'm going through a series my chruch is putting on God has changed my perspective on Easter. "But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself." John 12:32. Jesus was the ultimate example of living a life in accordance with God. I guess what I'm trying to say is Jesus showed his love to us by teaching and healing and ultimately dieing for us. This kind of love is so great and draws us to him. Jesus sent his disciples to draw men closer to him by preaching about this  sacrificial love he gave us. And he has sent us to do the same thing. And so we can go through these meaningful emotions and we can give thanks to God for what he has done, but, if we aren't choosing to do the very thing Christ died for and sent us out for then we aren't fully experiencing the purpose of Easter. And that is to choose to follow God fully so that men can see his love and draw closer to him. I hope this Easter we may all get a different glimpse of Jesus and what he did for us!


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