Date nights with God

Hello friends, 
I hope all is well :) So with this time of year and any time of year really we get busy with work, school, family, friends, sports, etc..  A problem that comes up a lot it's spending time with Jesus. Almost every morning I struggle with this. With motivating myself to spend time with him and even just making time for devotions is hard. A verse that I found today is Zechariah 4:6 "Not by might not by power but by my spirit." This verse was just so encouraging to me to just relize that even when we can't make time to just know that by the spirit of God that time will be made. To just rely on him because it's by his timing and strength is where we can find that time. Even in other things not just devotions to know that I cannot always be a light to others or I can't make it through out my day without his strength without the Holy Spirit in me. Gods word is spirtual food. And when we read it we find peace and joy. That sounds to cliche but it's so true. So not worry if you go a day without doing devotions  because your not sinning if you don't but just know that those minutes and hours spend with him is so fullfilling. One idea that has worked with me is having a date with God. Treat like a date. Plan something fun like a walk or a picnic but spend that time falling in love with God. That probably sounds super wierd but it helps so much!! 


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