The days of Advent

This Holiday as we await Christmas we go through advent or maybe you do the Jesse tree. But as we await we make room in our hearts for the coming of Christ the hope that fills us up every day. I never really knew about advent really or the meaning to it besides counting down the days Til Christmas. My mom reads a blog called Holy Experience. You may of heard of the blogger who writes on there but her name is Ann Voskamp and she is known for the book she wrote called One thousand gifts. This Christmas she wrote advent devotional The Greatest Gift. This devotional has changed my view on advent and the meaning of Christmas. Her words are so profound that you want to read each devotion over and over again. 
We celebrate Christmas not just because Jesus was born or because Santa comes or because we give and receive gifts. We celebrate Christmas because God blesses us more than a thousand times a day, he gives us grace way more than we can bear. Why not celebrate his brith,why not give in the spirit of the gifts that God gives us freely without asking anything of us. Christmas is to remind us of all he as done which started with him being born in a manger to ultimately giving us the greatest gift we could ever ask for. So advent began at the beginning of December but that doesn't mean we can't start now. 


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