His Grace is Sufficient for me

God, your Grace is an avalanche that has toppled on me. You can't find more Joy than the Joy that comes when we embrace the Grace of God when we have done wrong. When we come back to our Father. Grace. The gift of Christ, the theme of our relationship with God. His grace his sufficient for me! Me? Me??!! I'm the very person who has wronged other people, I have disobeyed God intentionally, God I have cursed you and your Grace is sufficient for me?! I'm the scum of the earth! Grace. The reoccuring theme in our lives.  The only thing that ultimately keeps us apart from death. Grace. The product/ the outcome of Jesus sacrificing himself for us. Without it we would have no grace, no life, just death. Since his grace is sufficient for us no matter how we start our day out we can always end it with the Joy of Grace. 


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