Salvation Army traditions

A couple nights ago my family and I bundled up and headed down to the mall to ring the bell for the Salvation Army Every year since I was around seven or eight my family and I have rung the bell.  It's a fun Christmas tradition because your serving the community while having fun with family and meeting new people from Church or from the mall.    
Every year my church has sign ups for different service project opportunities you can do around the holiday season. You may think how can you make a difference by ringing the bell for the Salvation Army?  This year I've relized is that most people this time of year are to poor, hurt, or broken, or even  just busy and stressed to give. But by smiling at the person or giving that little kid a candy cane just because can make someone's day and shows them that God loves them. If you ever get the opportunity to ring the bell or to give its such a unique opportunity. 


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