Oh God, when I'm not with you I'm wandering. I search high and low. I look at myself in your mirror where you show me what you see in me, you show me what it's like to walk with you- to give all of myself to you. But these moments change in a minutes notice. And so I wander forgetting what I look like in your mirror. I know that you have grace for me but it's so simple it can't just be grace. Like the prodigal son who comes home so I come home wanting to work for grace. We come to God telling him the very phrase we told ourselves "Will work for Grace." So our Heavenly Father looks at us with tears in his eyes and takes us back to the cross, he shows us the price that has already been paid. We see the price with tears in our eyes and tell God "How could I ever of done this to you!"  But God quickly whispers in our ears "All I want is your heart. There is no price anymore! Leave the rest to me!" He shouts with Joy. "All I want are those minutes of thankfulness, those seconds of prayer, those five minute breaks to encourage someone, equals a lifetime worth of blessings from me. So don't go wandering when sacrifice comes, because, I want that too. I want All of you!!" He proclaims.


  1. Just a side note the verses I based my thoughts from was James 1:24 and Luke 15:11-32 :)


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